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World University Cycling Championships
Charlotte Peile October 16, 2014

World University Cycling Championships

This July four Irish riders headed off to Poland to compete in the World University Cycling Championships. Of the four students selected, were two students from the University of Ulster; Alastair Macaulay and Marc Potts. The team competed in the Road Race, a 180km race across extremely difficult terrain.

The race was won by professional rider Petr Vakoc of the Czech Republic who also rides on the same team as Mark Cavendish, Omega Pharma Quikstep. The Irish riders put in a great day, with Danny coming in the top 10 and Alastair and Marc coming in closely behind in the top 20.

Team manager Ronan McLaughlin said afterwards; “I cannot stress enough how fantastic a ride the lads did today, there was nearly 2,000m of climbing and it was lashing all day today. The climb took around 12minutes every time and there aren’t many races in Ireland where a guy will be climbing for that long. Every rider in the top 10 is riding with a Continental team – at the very least. The winner rides for Omega Pharma-QuickStep so that gives you an idea of what the field was like.”

Well done to both Alastair and Marc from UUSU Sport!

*Photo By: Stephen Kellaghan