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Physiotherapy Internship Programme

UUSU Sport has developed the Physiotherapy Internship Programme to enable Ulster University Physiotherapy graduates to gain experience and enhance their future employment prospects by delivering Physiotherapy Clinics on campus and providing support at training and competitive fixtures of our student sports clubs.

Mentor support is provided and the current intake of Physiotherapy Interns is all studying on the MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Jordanstown. Physiotherapy Internships are paid positions.


Here is a testimony from one of our current students Sarah

Sarah Mc Gowan Picture

Sarah McGowan

  • Age: 23
  • University Course: Msc Sports and Exercise Medicine 2014-2015
  • Campus: Jordanstown

Interests: Sports Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, Surfing, Long Distance Running

Why did you get involved in the physiotherapy internship programme?:

I got involved in the Physiotherapy Internship as I had a lot of free time with the Masters that is done in block teaching which allows us as physiotherapists to work as well as study. When I first heard of the internship I thought it was an amazing opportunity to work a variety of athletes across numerous sports. Moat importantly I thought it was the best way to apply knowledge gained in my Masters from theory into practice.

What do you enjoy most about the physiotherapy internship programme?:

I enjoy working in the sports centre across different sports running clinics and travelling with teams to matches near and far. I also enjoy the in-services that are extremely interesting and helpful and are also good craic with all the other students involved in the internship.

What support do you receive within the physiotherapy internship programme?:

We get great support from Marty throughout the internship who always gives advice and guidance whenever we need it. We also get use of the facilities in the sports centre such as the gym, we are supplied with all the equipment we need, for example, stocked kit bags and plinths, and transport is always arranged for matches so students without a car like myself are never stuck!

What other opportunities have you encountered from being part of the physiotherapy internship programme?:

As a newly qualified physiotherapist the internship has been a excellent way to build up experience on my CV. I have just got my first permanent job in a private practice and I believe that the experience gained in the internship had a big role in securing this job.

Why would you encourage others to get involved?:

I would encourage any physiotherapist, especially new graduates to get involved in the physiotherapy internship. It is a great way to build confidence and your CV, expand on your musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation knowledge hugely with the support of weekly CPD sessions and work with athletes across a variety of sports. And you get paid! Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the physiotherapy internship.