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Performance Analysis InternshipGet involved in sport and physical activity at the level you desire.

In position throughout the academic year the Performance Analysis placement student provides a range of support services to individual students and student sports clubs at Ulster. This placement provides the opportunity to work across a range of sports and with a variety of software packages. This is a paid Internship opportunity and mentor support is provided.

Read a testimony from our current placement student.

David McCabe

  • Age: 21
  • University Course: Sport Science
  • Campus: Jordanstown

Hobbies/Interests: Football, Gaepc, Gym.

Why did you get involved in the in this Performance analysis internship?:

I got involved in placement to get a taste of the industry that I wanted to pursue which was sports analysis, I wanted to see would I enjoy it and could I see myself doing this in the future. It also helps me meet new people so I can start to build a reputation for my name. This will then hopefully help me in the future to get a job once I come out with my degree.

What do you enjoy most about the Performance analysis internship?:

What I enjoy most about my placement is the amount of sports I am currently working in. I am gaining experience in such sports such as, rugby, basketball, hurling, Gaelic, football, hockey etc. Again something that will build up my CV to go out and get another job.

What support do you receive within the Performance analysis internship?:

I receive support from my line manager who keeps me updated with any more sports that may need some sports analysis and any equipment that I need. I also work closely with the managers of the clubs that give me advice on practical situations such as, where’s best too video the game from?, What’s the best way to analysis the game in terms of software? Jonathan Bradley also helps with his knowledge as this is the industry he already works in.

What other opportunities have you encountered from being part of the Performance analysis internship?

I have encountered being offered some longer roles too stay as the sport analyst for certain sports due to them having a three year plan to reach their goal.

Why would you encourage others to get involved?:

I would encourage others to get involved because its the best way to find out what it is you want to do when you come out of university. It decreases the questions that all students be thinking, will I enjoy this? How hard is to be successful in this job? etc.