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#ThisBUCSGirlCan - Interview with Professor Deirdre Brennan
Charlotte Peile November 7, 2016

#ThisBUCSGirlCan – Interview with Professor Deirdre Brennan

UUSU Sport spoke to Professor Deirdre Brennan – lecturer, founder of Ulster Sports Outreach, co-founder of Sport Changes life, and basketball enthusiast having coached both the men’s and women’s Ulster University Elks teams, and the Ulster Elks Juniors.

  • Please tell me a little about the position you are in now; title, what the role entails, how long you have been in this role?

I am the Professor of PE and Sport in the School of Sport which involves leading Physical Education on our undergraduate courses. I lead in the development of the subject area and teaching of the subject to final year students. I am also the Director of Ulster Sports Outreach. The latter involves me strategically leading the use of sport as a tool for widening access to and community engagement for the university in communities that suffer disadvantage. 

•             Please provide me with some background on how you have come to be in this role?

I fell into this role! I was working as a physical education teacher and studying a Masters at Jordanstown part-time when the opportunity for a lecturing position arose. Some of my tutors encouraged me to apply; I applied never thinking I would get it. Here I am 24 years later! 

•             How has sport and physical activity impacted your life?

I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now without it. Sport is where I felt confident. I was very average at school but performed academically much better when I went to university because  I was studying something I had great interest in.  Sport has taken me all over the world as I was lucky enough to compete at international level. It has given me the opportunity to work with others in an area I am passionate about. I met my husband through sport and we set up a charity called ‘Sport Changes Life’ which he runs on a full time basis. 

•             Who inspired you to aspire for a leadership role in your field?

I have been lucky enough to have had a number of inspirational role models. I didn’t ever plan to be a leader in my field. It just happened to turn out that way given my interests and skills and the mentorship I was lucky enough receive. On a personal level my Dad was my first inspiration in sport. Professionally Walter Bleakley and Trish Mc Farland were my inspirations and now I am inspired by my three beautiful daughters and my husband. 

•             What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Always act with integrity. 

•             Define a leader: What are some traits you think great leaders possess?

I believe great leaders have integrity, are trustworthy and inspirational. They thrive on empowering others, will put ‘we’ before ‘me’, are reflective and always open to learning. 

•             What is one leadership lesson you have learnt during your career?

People need to know that you care before they care what you know. 

•             What advice do you have for female students aiming for positions of leadership?

You must want to be a leader for the right reasons. You should want to make a difference; a difference that makes things better for everyone, not just yourself. Be prepared to go the extra mile, take feedback, be reflective and be resilient.