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Irish Volleyball Intervarsity Report
David Flynn March 2, 2016

Irish Volleyball Intervarsity Report

The Irish Intervarsities tournament took place over three days at UCD.

Men’s Team:

Adam Barry (team captain)
Michael Sloan
Richard Graham
Darius Bennet
Will Aston
Ryan Caddell
Stephen Coulter

Day 1 – The men took on a tough first day with only knowing their teammates within the past couple of days and Richard Graham stepping up to be the 6th player for day 1. They lost their first game against AIT 2-0. The second game was a lot closer with UCC winning first set but Ulster lead the whole second set. With time called at the 19 minutes, Ulster had won, but were told to play on allowing UCC to make a comeback. The second set had to be replayed for fairness at the end of the day, unfortunately leaving Ulster defeated. The men then lost their last 2 games against UCD and GMIT.

Day 2 – Our men made a huge improvement on day 2 by making it into the plate semi-final. They started off on a brilliant high by winning 2-0 against ITT, immediately followed by a close loss to TCD. This didn’t stop the boys fight for the next two games winning 2-1 against DCU and yet another win against NUIG. Brilliant step-up from the men getting themselves into day 3 for the Plate Final.

Day 3 – The men were up bright and early yet again to face one of the strong teams from day 1; AIT. Ulster put up a great fight but couldn’t quite catch them.

Ulster University Men’s team come away with the title of ‘Plate Runner’s Up’ gaining themselves a medal from the tournament. Good job Ulster, U what?! UU!!

Women’s Team:

Catherine Murphy (team captain)
Leslie Rice
Jess Neeson
Jana Petschi
Dara  Curry
Hannah Nelson
Charlotte McElfatrick

Day 1 – The women made a great start on the first day drawing both their games. The first one was Ulster v UCC with Ulster making a great comeback after losing the first set. A similar situation was faced in the second game of the day against RCSI coming out the other side with another draw.

Day 2 – Ulster v NUIG was a tough game for the girls as they were the strongest team that we faced. NUIG were the Runners up of the Cup. This put the women’s team into the semi-final of the plate against UCC which they previously faced on day 1. Ulster took lead throughout the first set, but unfortunately got stuck in rotation against a strong server from UCC. The outcome was a 2-0 loss for Ulster and thus being knocked out of the plate.

Day 3 – This left the girls without a game to play, but that didn’t affect the immense support for the men in their Plate Final.

Well done to all!