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Irish Intervarsity Golf Championships
David Flynn November 10, 2015

Irish Intervarsity Golf Championships

On the 3rd of November, eight of the Ulster University Scholars set off for the third championship of the year in Rosslare Golf Club.  This time out, it was the Intervarsity Championship which is arguably the biggest date on the university golf calendar.  The eight scholars representing the university were as follows: Ross Dutton, Neil McKinstry, Ali McQuillan, Ryan McCullough, Glen Mowat, James Lindsay and Henry Clark.

Tuesday was the practice day where we had our team coach, Johnny Foster with us to pass on some very useful and appreciated advice.  The weather on Tuesday was very calm and score-able which was not alike what was to come in the coming days.

Wednesday, like Tuesday, was a very calm and sunny day which is quite rare on the coast of Ireland.  Scores were very good with the course record being broken by Maynooth University player Stuart Grehan.  Ulster University golfers had some good and some not so good scores with the best of which being a fantastic 69 (-3) by James Lindsay.  Our scores on day 1 were as follows: James Lindsay 69 (-3), Ali McQuillan 71 (-2), Ross Dutton 74 (+2), Henry Clark (+2), Neil McKinstry 78 (+6), Glen Mowat 80 (+8), Ryan McCullough 83 (+11) and Stefan Greenberg 85 (+13).

Thursday was an absolute washout with torrential rain and high winds all day.  The weather did ease off slightly in the late afternoon but scores definitely reflected the horrific weather.  The leaders managed to shoot some respectable scores with 70 being the low score of the day but UCD representative Alex Gleeson.

Friday was again, a poor day with some rain and some very difficult winds.  Rosslare was playing like a totally different course to the one that we played on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Scoring was slightly better on Friday than on Thursday but still they reflected the tough conditions.  Overall scores and results are as follows:

Ross Dutton- 74, 75, 75 (+8) T10th

Ali McQuillan 71, 79, 76 (+10) 16th

James Lindsay 69, 88, 75 (+16) T23rd

Neil McKinstry 78, 78, 79 (+19) T29th

Henry Clark 74, 80, 82 (+20) 30th

Stefan Greenberg 85, 75, 80 (+24) T40th

Ryan McCullough  83, 75, 82 (+24) T40th

Glen Mowat 80, 83, 82 (+29) 44th

We would all like to congratulate Alex Gleeson and UCD on a very impressively retained title to cap off a superb year.