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Awards Winners and Nominees 2015Colours 2016

Colours 2015 award winners and nominees announced.  Can all award winners and nominees please contact the UUSU Sport office on their campus to confirm attendance and collect tickets. 

Service Award

Name Club Campus 
William McLaughlin Canoe Coleraine
Aiden Brolly Fencing Coleraine
John Cathcart Hockey Jordanstown


Club Award

Name  Club Campus 
John Gibson American Football Coleraine
Ben McCambridge Cue Sports Coleraine
Tomás Mullholland Gaelic Football Coleraine
Nathan Mount Hockey Coleraine
Robyn Catterall Ladies Rugby Coleraine
Colette Donnellon Netball Coleraine
Jordan Jackson Rowing Coleraine
Joseph McKinney Rugby Coleraine
Bobby Milligan Canoe Jordanstown
Ciara McCrum Equestrian Jordanstown
Ryan Gribben Golf Jordanstown
Louise McFrederick Ladies Soccer Jordanstown
Laura Witherspoon Mountaineering Jordanstown
Conor McFeely Basketball Magee
Darren Kelly Gaelic Football Magee


Half Colours

Name Club Campus
Hazel  Windsor-Aubrey Fencing Coleraine
Tasha Henderson Fencing Coleraine
Karina Kruk Karate Coleraine
Ruth Hanna Netball Coleraine
Catherine Hamilton Netball Coleraine
Kerri Magee Netball Coleraine
Christopher Cunningham Pool Coleraine
Adam McComb Athletics Jordanstown
Jonathan Harron Badminton Belfast
Ciaran Chambers Badminton Jordanstown
Kelly Harron Badminton Jordanstown
Abigail Edwards Badminton Jordanstown
Mark Hetherington Badminton Jordanstown
Stuart Lightbody Badminton Jordanstown
Peter Linton Badminton Jordanstown
Jason Elmore Badminton Jordanstown
Joanna Baskin Badminton Jordanstown
Zoe Purdy Badminton Jordanstown
Sinead Chambers Badminton Jordanstown
Jamie Millar Cricket Jordanstown
Jamie Millar Cricket Jordanstown
Stephen Kennedy Cricket Jordanstown
Richard Hood Cricket Jordanstown
Scott Irvine Cricket Jordanstown
Ross Bryans Cricket Jordanstown
Matthew McCord Cricket Jordanstown
Neil McKinstry Golf Jordanstown
Andrea Desenaux Hockey Jordanstown
Victoria McMaw Hockey Jordanstown
Emily Bowker Hockey Jordanstown
Rebecca Davidson Hockey Jordanstown
Connor Roberts Hockey Jordanstown
Matthew Rollins Hockey Jordanstown
James Lorimer Hockey Jordanstown
Jason Lynch Hockey Jordanstown
Joel Cathcart Hockey Jordanstown
Hannah Adair Netball Jordanstown
Katie Johnston Netball Jordanstown
Leah McCready Netball Jordanstown
Kirsty McKevitt Netball Jordanstown
Michelle Black Netball Jordanstown
Nicola O’Gorman Netball Jordanstown
Melissa Hull Netball Magee
Amy Moore Netball Magee


Full Colours

Name Club Campus
Matthew Sellers Pool Coleraine
Ben McCambridge Pool Coleraine
Ben Allen Pool Coleraine
Caroline Murphy Basketball Jordanstown
Ashley Montecchio Basketball Jordanstown
Ronnie Thomas Basketball Jordanstown
Alastair Macaulay Cycling Jordanstown
Marc Potts Cycling Jordanstown
Danielle McNally Hockey Jordanstown
Andrew Shekleton Hockey Jordanstown
Aine Curran Hockey Jordanstown
Gemma Frazer Hockey Jordanstown
Eorann O’Neill Swimming Jordanstown


International Colours

Name Club Campus
Megan Frazer Hockey Jordanstown


Fresher of the Year Belfast/Jordanstown Nominees

Name  Club
Eorann O’Neill Swimming
Neil McKinstry Golf
Ronan O’Neill Mountaineering

Winner – Eorann O’Neill


Fresher of the Year Coleraine Nominees

Name  Club
Justin Boyd Rowing
Kate Millar Karate
Stuart Graham Fencing

Winner – Justin Boyd


Fresher of the Year Magee Nominees

Name  Club
Amy Moore Netball
Melissa Hull Netball
Ronan Hanna Mens Gaelic Football

Winner – Ronan Hanna


Chris Lundy Award Nominees

Name Club
Ben McCambridge Cue Sports
Patrick Corr Fencing
Robyn Catterall Ladies Rugby

Winner – Ben McCambridge


Carson Clarke Award Nominees

Name Club
Gareth Brown Mountaineering
Ryan Gribben Golf

Winner – Ryan Gribben


Coach  of the Year Nominees

Name  Club
Ricky Lee Ulster Elks Hockey
Stephen Crothers Ulster Elks Ladies Basketball
Theresa Gillespie Netball

Winner – Ricky Lee


Hurst Trophy Nominees

Club Campus
Ladies Gaelic Football Coleraine
Ladies Rugby Coleraine
Mens Gaelic Footbal Magee

Winner – Mens Gaelic Football


Bill Clarke Trophy Nominees

Club Campus
Ladies Soccer Jordanstown
Ulster Elks Mens Basketball Jordanstown
Ulster Elks Hockey 1st XI Jordanstown

Winner – Ulster Elks Hockey 1st XI


Jim Allen Merit Award Nominees

Club Campus
Badminton Jordanstown
Ladies Rugby Coleraine
Mens Rugby Jordanstown
Rowing Coleraine

Winner – Rowing


Sports Union Club of the Year Nominees

Club Campus
Netball Coleraine
Mens Basketball Jordanstown
Ulster Elks Hockey Jordanstown

Winner – Ulster Elks Hockey


Sports Union Team of the Year

Ulster University Pool


Presidents Plate

Gary Johnston Cue Sports


Silver Salver

Megan Frazer – Hockey