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Jordanstown Canoe Club is a social Canoeing and Kayaking club which trains in Leisure centres in Belfast and at Shaws Bridge.

The club as a friendly atmosphere and encourages students to socialise and begin sharing ideas about activities and events, building character and confidence along with kayaking skills.

We partake in many of the kayaking disciplines from Whitewater and surfing to Polo, if there is something in the sport you would like to try we probably have a member who can help or know someone who can.

Jordanstown Canoe Club  has recently started to train and compete in canoe polo and is showing some promising signs for the future, with regular training at Shaws Bridge in Belfast with Belfast Canoe Association.

Recent achievements in 2014 include a couple of tight games and wins at our first competitive polo tournament in Enniskillen but unfortunately not placing and a silver medal in the Bangor bay sea kayak race.

Every Year the club dedicates a team to the Irish Intervarsities, although the club is small we have made a massive impression. The other Irish Universities are always on the lookout for the Club as they know that craic is soon to follow, many of the Irish teams even routing for us! Last year was the first in many where the club pulled itself from last place, but unfortunately we were still unable to come home with any silverware.