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Females: Get #ActiveFitSporty with Self-Defence
Charlotte Peile January 27, 2017

Females: Get #ActiveFitSporty with Self-Defence

Funded by Department of Communities via Sport Northern Ireland, UUSU Sport seeks to inspire our female students to get #ActiveFitSporty regardless of experience or ability.  You will find four high-energy, innovative Female Only classes on each campus to engage with.

We are offering a nine week Self-Defence course for female students.  The course will equip you with skills in awareness, preparation and a readiness for any situation.  Not only that, it will build confidence, it will improve your physical conditioning and core balance, and further develop your goal-setting and self-discipline (this self-discipline might not have you might still reach for the odd biscuit though!)

There are limited places available so it is important that you contact your Student Sport Development Officer on for further details on how to register.

#ActiveFitSporty #confidence