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About UsSports Union President Address

Sports Union President

Emma Bonner

Emma will be leading Students in Sport and will act as the voice for Student Sport on all of our campuses.

Emma will be supporting and promoting clubs and representing you on various university and external committees. Emma is also responsible for the day-to-day running of UUSU Sport on each campus and support member Clubs in their internal organisation and administration.

As an Ulster University student, you have the option to participate in as much or little sport as you like or have time for. Sport is for everyone, whether in a club or through Social Sport. We have over 60 active clubs at campus level as well as cross campus teams. There is also a wide range of social sport programs. You can be more than just a club sport member and get involved in the running of your club and with student council through UUSU Sport. So whether you’re in it to win it or just for fun, UUSU Sport is the place to be. If you have any questions about UUSU Sport, please drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the Sports Union shall be:-

(a) To contribute to the Executive Sports Strategy Group or its equivalent and influence the University’s ‘strategy for sport’ to the benefit of the Sports Union members.

(b) To co-ordinate and administer all student sporting activities and to increase the levels of participation of students in sport and recreation within the Ulster University.

(c) To provide and develop opportunities for the development of ‘life skills’ through sport for students within Ulster University.

(d) To raise the standard of performance of Sports Union clubs in order to become the leading University for sport on the island of Ireland and in the United Kingdom.

(e) To raise the profile of Sports Union Clubs, the Sports Union and Ulster University within the local, national and international sports arena.

(f) To develop appropriate and effective partnerships and provide a recognised means of communication with other bodies concerned with sport.

(g) To co-ordinate the use of sports facilities for Sports Union Clubs in conjunction with Sport and Recreation Services, other relevant institutions and sports facility providers.

(h) To represent the views and interests of its members.

(i) To work in accordance with the Sports Union Constitution

Our Mission Statement

To be the voice of student sport and facilitate participation, development and performance of Ulster University students in sport.

Our Diversity Statement

Ulster University Sports Union pledge to use the opportunities we have as a sports union to make a positive contribution in creating a better environment for all studying here. Regardless of our own beliefs and identities, we will ensure that preference will not be given to or advantage withheld from any members on the grounds of religious belief, political belief, race, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.